History & Family Tree/Documentaries

Our lives more forward faster and faster as time goes on. Everything changes, and sometimes it's a good idea to stop and reflect. When we all grew up there were special people in our lives, parents, grandparents, friends- the people who shaped who we are. In the end, it's these memories and acts of kindness that will last the test of time, not the gadgets and material items we collect through our lives.

The Video Family Tree is the perfect way to honor those memories that have touched our lives. It's a great way to pass down traditions, songs and stories for future generations of your family. The recordings we do today not only cover what we have experienced, but will also include stories that have been passed down to us, creating a bridge to the next generation. Without this bridge, the love and the efforts of the past will be lost forever.

It is a wonderful opportunity to have technology that makes recording these stories possible! Please enjoy watching my video samples!

Video Family Tree Introduction

History of Southeast Pt.1 Opening & The Circus

History of Southeast Pt. 2 The Railroad & Mining

History of Southeast Pt. 3 Milk Production & The Reservoir